Supplier transparency should be a feature, not a bug.

Supply-chains produce an avalanche of scattered data. Putting it into context and making it valuable takes active supplier participation you can't always rely on.

It's time you simplified all of your supply-chain data into a single, seamless narrative you can easily and independetly interpret.

With Fixefy, you'll drive supplier transparency, and collaborate effortlessly without the need for supplier onboarding.

Overpaying isn't a supplier problem. It's a data problem.

Data blindspots caused by mising insight, lost deep in logistics narratives, create hidden financial risks that grows out of sight.

Fixefy brings intuitive order to chaotic, fragmented data and connects the dots of financial performance.

Turn data blindspots into financial certainty and find the growth lessons hidden in your paper trails.

Make the C-Suite part of your Fixefy narrative.

Supply-chain efficiency relies on the right insight filtering, up to the right departments, in the right format. Siloed teams speaking different data languages limit your scope for making big, executive decisions.

Whether it's accounts payable, planning, or customer relationships, Fixefy brings powerful data utility to every department.

Serve the right data to the right teams in a way they're familiar with, and optimize business performance with every department, firing on all cylinders.

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