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Simple relationships solve complex logistics.

Fixefy is made by people who've lived and breathed the challenges of logistics & freight operations.

About Fixefy

Fixefy was built by people who've lived and breathed the creeping inefficiency of logistics complexity at scale.

Front front-line supply-chain operations to enterprise environments, we've felt, first-hand, the hidden pain-points that affect trust and collaboration between buyers and sellers.

Our Mission

We're combining machine-learning with hard-earned industry experience to safeguard the integrity of transparent supply-chain relationships.

Our end goal is to become the go-to platform for logistics-narrative integrity,supply-chain optimization and buyer-seller collaboration. We want to help buyers, sellers and enterprise executives speak the same language to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of sustainable, mutual growth.

Our Values

Disagree Well

We believe collaborative disagreement is a healthy part of working relationships – but only when backed by mutual understanding, accountability, integrity, and clear communication. Without understanding first, disagreements turn into accusations.


Never assume. Ask first. Disagree well. Disagree respectfully.

Let Data Decide

Insticts are powerful. However, making key decisions on gut-feeling and assumptions alone can strain relationships. Letting the data decide is about insight first, conclusions later.

Connect the dots. Seeing the big picture. Dig a little deeper, and move forward together with absolute certainty.

Make Time For People

Don't hide from each other. Don't make excuses.


Solving challenges and overcoming hurdles is best done through organic, human contact when it's pragmatic and efficient. Making time for people is about knowing when to send an email and when to look someone in the eye to work it out together.

If It's Not Broken, Make It Better

Complacency is the enemy of progressive innovation. Just because something seems to work, doesn't mean it can't work better, faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

Making things better, even if they're not broken, is about innovating processes, innovating relationships, data, and relationships. There's always room for improvement.

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